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What We Do

Well hello and welcome. What do we do?

We are a Queensland based Magazine. We publish images taken by Photographers from all over the world of beautiful models both male and female to show of the their work.

Why you may ask?

Well it's a way to get your name out there and to have your best work published.

We tag every photographer, every model every clothing brand and every makeup artist allowing you to be found and gain customers, followers and build your presence.

No costs, no fee's and a really professionally produced publication.


Shoot your best models in their best designer clothes in their best makeup.


Edit your images to meet the magazine page requirements found by clicking on the link.


Submit your images via Dropbox or Wetransfer to We will contact you with any further requirements and thats it.

Become a regular advertiser and take advantage of our very reasonable advertising rates

We are only into our fourth edition and already we have a few local brands/companies taking advantage of our first time FREE  advertising package when they agree to advertising in the following two editions at our excepionally competitive advertising rates.


  • Tabitha Snell

    Tabitha Snell

    A studio shoot with the talented Tabitha Snell produced some amazing images

  • Taylor Beutel

    Taylor Beutel

    A shot of Taylor who was sitting in a very cool creek bed

  • Tanaya McCarey

    Tanaya McCarey

    The stunning Tanaya McCarey

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